Frequently Asked Questions

What service does NSE provide?

NSE provides English speaking lessons to students all across Asia. We want our English speakers to have the confidence to do school, business and work in an English speaking environment with the proper social skills to communicate effectively.


What does the program look like?

Our program involves intensive speaking, vocabulary building, and reading out loud. We also focus on cultural sharing and practicing manners.


How do I know if this is suitable for my child?

If you want your child to practice speaking English with a native to build their confidence, this English speaking program is for you! If your child has learned English in school but is nervous to use their skills, this English speaking program is for you! If you want a fun and exciting learning experience, this English speaking program is for you!


How many students will be in my lesson?

Lessons are totally private. Only one student will be present during lessons.

How long is a course?

Courses are designed to go for a year. You should start to see a different in your student after about 1-2 months and they should continue to increase in smoothness and clarity over time.

What if I’m late to a lesson?

If you’re late for a lesson, teachers will wait for 15-20 minutes if they do not hear from you. If you think you will be late, let us know and your teacher will be late. However, lessons will have to end on time.


What if a teacher is late?

If a teacher is late you will be notified as soon as possible and the lesson will continue for the scheduled amount of time.

What happens if I miss a lesson with a teacher?

If it is your first time missing a lesson, don’t worry! That lesson will be credited to your account and discounted for the following payment term. All lessons must be canceled in advance to qualify for a free lesson in the following term. Any sudden cancellations will be charged.

How much does a course cost?

The price of our course varies by age and grade from about USD 20 to 35 per lesson. Please check our pricing page for more details.


What are the computer requirements?

Any computer or tablet that can use Google is compatible with our program. You must have a stable internet connection.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons are 45 minutes for younger students and 60 minutes for middle and high schoolers.

If I accidentally miss a lesson, will I still be charged?

No, the first time you accidentally miss a lesson you will not be charged. After that, all lessons must be canceled with advance notice.

What happens if a teacher doesn’t show up for a lesson?

Any cancellations from teachers will be given 24 hours advance notice. Any sudden cancellations by teachers will result in a free lesson, plus a bonus free lesson.